About me

  • mobile Web passionate
  • Web Performance expert
  • creator of What Web Can Do Today
  • front-end technologies trainer at Bottega IT Minds
  • full-stack developer & tech lead experienced on various stacks, recently loyal to TypeScript

I started my developer career back in 2000s with simple PHP websites. Later on I touched on .NET, Ruby, Java and Objective-C, but I have always come back to the Web that I value for its openness and accessibility for everyone. And even though I admire simple structures, simple rules and order, which are often hard to find on the Web, these are Web technologies that are my programming passion.

On a daily basis I work on versatile web apps as a Full-Stack Software Developer, I provide Web Performance consulting and audits, I teach front-end technologies as a Bottega IT Minds trainer and take care of my website that aims to review device integration capabilities of the web – What Web Can Do Today.

Web Performance Audits

Me at DevDays, Vilnius 2019

The significance of Web Performance grows more and more, especially with Google increasingly using it as a ranking factor. Having slow website just doesn't pay off nowadays.

My Audit will help your development team fix the bottlenecks and improve the Web Performance metrics drastically. The Audit includes:

  • analysis of the current and prospect Web Performance metrics values,
  • detailed report of the identified bottlenecks and areas to improve,
  • list of recommendations at a deep technical level,
  • estimated technical and organizational impact of the proposed changes,
  • technical hand-off call with your team.
Front-end Audits

Front-end Audits

I can assess the quality of your front-end codebase, regardless if it is a jQuery-based legacy system or a modern Single-Page App built with the newest shiny frameworks. I can help your team determine architectural directions, suggest the appropriate tooling and confront the codebase with the industry standards.

Mobile Web Consulting

Mobile Web Consulting

I can help your team move forward with your project. I offer Mobile Web and PWA-related expertize on a short- to middle-range contract. I can also lead your efforts to achieve good performance of your front-end and fix your rendering metrics.

My primary expertise is focused around Progressive Web Apps and enterprise-grade React.js SPA tech stack with Redux, web sockets, maps and Blockchain integrations.


Me at Code Europe, Wrocław 2017

Interested in a workshop about modern Mobile Web capabilities? As an experienced trainer I'll be happy to run one for you and your team. The range of topics might include:

  • Progressive Web Apps – buzzword vs. reality
  • Home screen installation & OS integration
  • Offline capabilities with Service Worker
  • Push messaging & notifications
  • Payment Request, Credentials Management, Web Share APIs
  • Page load performance optimizations
  • and all the other things covered by my What Web Can Do Today website
What Web Can Do Today?

What Web Can Do Today?

Can I rely on the Web Platform features to build my app? An overview of the device integration HTML5 APIs.